Age Builds Character. So Do Barrels for Anther Cherry Gin.

Should we be afraid of our crows’ feet? A peppering of grey in our hair? A bit of a middle age spread? Of course not! Age builds character. In spirits, the more patient the tippler, the greater the reward. 

Every January at Anther Distillery, we work hard to pit rosy, red, plump, and fresh Tasmanian cherries from Spreyton Farms within 24 hours of harvest to make our delicious Anther Cherry Gin. This year, we decided to pour the finished product of our hard work – Anther Cherry Gin 2022 - into a Ned Whisky barrel to age for six months to create Anther Barrel Aged Cherry Gin. 

You can pick your jaw off the floor now 😉. 

Anther Barrel Aged Cherry Gin is the latest creation of Anther’s Dr. Derv McGowan in collaboration with Ned Whisky’s Head Distiller Dean Leslie. 

With more distilling awards in her cabinet than we can count, Dr. Derv is challenging the idea of flavours and has expertly married the dark, seductive fruitiness of Anther’s Cherry Gin and Ned Whisky’s American Oak barrels, hand crafted in Australia. 

It's an all-Australian affair, infusing contemporary Australian botanicals in Anther with the Aussie grain in Ned Whisky – it seemed like a bonzer idea. 

Dr. Derv says "I've always wanted to age our Anther Cherry Gin. It's the perfect Christmas after dinner sipper and cocktail base. The texture is smooth and the dark fruit flavours burst through the juniper perfectly complimenting the different flavours. We've been lucky to work with Ned Whisky, so after a little chat I was able to host an ex-whisky barrel and put 200 litres of our 2022 harvest of Anther Cherry Gin inside. The liquid has been resting for over 6 months and we've had the 'hard' job of monitoring its flavour every week!"    

Tough gig, but someone has to do it, right? What about that thoroughly tested flavour, Dr. Derv? 

“It tastes like Christmas. The scent is so divine, you open a bottle and wherever you are is filled with lusciousness." 

If that isn’t a ringing endorsement, we don’t know what is! 

If you want to indulge in this special release, you’ll have to get in quick. We’ve only made 300 bottles of Anther Barrel Aged Cherry Gin this year. Get it now or miss out!