All our Anther team favourites are waiting for you.

Whether you're a skilled tin shaker or home drink maker, we've got tried and true recipes that will please the discerning drinker.

The Avalon

Not the island and not about Frankie – this is a new twist on the Aviator featuring cherry and citrus notes. 

Anther Australian Dry Gin 45ml 
Anther Cherry Gin 15ml 
Violet Liqueur 5ml 
Citric Acid 15ml 
Sugar Syrup 15ml 

Shake with ice and double strain into a honeycomb, or coupe glass. Garnish: Edible flower, or lemon twist. 

The Fine Lady

Anther Charismatica adds complexity to this modern take on a
prohibition era classic. It’s so fine, there’s no telling where your
money went. It’s all yours, and we apologise to Robert Palmer. 

Anther Charismatica Gin 45ml 
Marionette Orange Curacao 15ml 
Citric Acid 15ml 
Sugar Syrup 15ml 

Shake with ice and double strain into honeycomb, or coupe glass. Garnish with an edible flower or lemon twist.  

The Hanky Panky

Step back in time with this powerful cocktail with hints of cherry, coffee and citrus; an aromatic sense-tingler! 

Anther Australian Dry Gin 30ml 
Anther Cherry Gin 15ml 
Madenii Rosso 10ml 
Mr Black  5ml 
Madenii Nocturne 5ml 

Shake with ice and double strain into honeycomb, or coupe glass Garnish: Grapefruit twist.  

The 'A Team' Martini

The Martini is iconic – the classic among classics, the king of kings. This variant features a unique Anther twist – imagine James Bond wearing an Akubra and you’re almost there. 

Anther Australian Dry Gin 45ml 
Madenii Dry 5ml 
Martini Bianco 5ml
Reserva Ambrato 5ml 

Stir with ice in a mixing glass and double strained into a honeycomb, or coupe. Garnish: Lemon, olive or pickled onion. 

Anther Australian Negroni

Our take on a classic Negroni that’s 100% true-blue, dinky-di Aussie made, mate! Features Anther Australian Dry, Adelaide Hills Bitter Orange, and Ounce Ruby Bitters. 

Anther Australian Dry Gin 30ml 
Adelaide Hills Bitter Orange 20ml 
Imperial Measures Ruby bitters 10ml 
Madenii Rosso 30ml 

Stirred in a mixing glass with ice and double strained into a rocks glass over fresh ice Garnish: Orange Wedge. 

Anther Cherry Negroni

This’ll put a smile on your face ten miles wide; true to form with the taste of fruity cherries with a Negroni finish.  

Anther Cherry Gin 30mls 
Imperial Measures Ruby Bitters 30mls 
Madenii Rosso 30mls 

In Full Bloom

This is a bloomin' good cocktail that's perfect for those warmer days - plus, it's super easy to assemble ... and drink!

45ml Florescence Gin
20ml Curious Cabinet Strawberry Shrub

Top with soda. Garnish with fresh berries, thyme and edible flowers.

Anther Goblet

This divine drink is easy to assemble and looks super special. All you need to do is...

In a goblet glass put

50ml of any Anther Gins

5ml sugar syrup

100ml of choice of of tonic

100ml of your choice of soda

Give these ingredients a stir then fill your glass with ice and go nuts on your garnishes!