Whisky Barrel Aged Gin Infused Cherry Porter - It’s a mouthful, and we’re here for it.

You know we love to get creative with liquor so, this story you're about to read will be no surprise to you.
Be warned, its delicious, just don't drool on your device!

Here it goes...

Once upon a time, three ambitious and flavour curious Victorian producers – Anther Distillery, Blackmans Brewery and NED Whisky, tested the boundaries of flavour. Together, they created a beer to end, and begin all flavour journeys and curious minds.

The story goes, the three teams, who have a love of each other's products, had a brain wave, and thought – ‘we know what we want to drink this October – a Whisky Barrel Aged Gin Infused Cherry Porter’. So, the three musketeer-ing teams, set to give to the flavour worshippers, a behemoth beer.

Cool story, right? But what the heck is it?! Read on flavour monger... 

Step 1 - Every year, Anther Distillery creates their Anther Cherry Gin by hand-pitting fresh Tasmanian Cherries from Spreyton Farms. The cherries are macerated in Anther Australian Dry Gin. Dervilla McGowan, Head Distiller and co-owner of Anther Distillery asked NED Whisky to part with an ex-whisky barrel to age the finished Anther Cherry Gin. Purchase a bottle here. 

Step 2 – Once the Barrel Aged Cherry Gin was harvested, NEDs took that same cask back and filled it, with a single, reserve barrel of NED Whisky. You can purchase the Single Barrel Cherry Gin finish here. 

Step 3 – Once the NED Whisky barrel had been harvested, the Blackmans Brewery team filled it with full-bodied porter beer. The porter has been ageing in the barrel for 6-months.  

And that folks, is the story of the three-teams that created the Whisky Barrel Aged Gin Infused Cherry Porter. 


There is a seriously limited amount of Whisky Barrel Aged Gin Infused Cherry Porter’s (we just want to keep saying that). Buy them through blackmansbrewery.com.au

Better yet, herald in the Whisky Barrel Aged Gin Infused Cherry Porter and join the three teams at Blackmans Brewery in Grovedale on Friday 28
th of October.  Click the

link here to see all the details...